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Thursday, October 12, 2006

Peace is the Symptom

I have enjoyed not caring about war for about a month or two. That was really nice, don't you agree?

I am not returning because I like war. I am returning because I like peace.

For decades, America successfully did not go to war with Russia. Russia was the greatest military threat America has ever faced, and we stared them down. We can do the same thing to anyone if it is done right. Anyone can do the same thing to anyone if it is done perfectly, that it may honor God.

Warships have been ordered by someone to the Strait of Hormuz south of Iran. We should not go to war with Iran. Israel should not go to war with Iran. Do we fear India's warheads? Do we fear our own? Not so much, although they are destructive and potential launches and launch symbols against us.

May I remind us against that war with Iran would be cataclysmic. Do not cow away from war, though it is right to have peace, because of fear of want. You who would be cowards during peace do not deserve the peace you have, and it would surely be stripped from you. But know that invading Iran will cause economic havoc and cause the deaths of millions around the planet in secondary losses. This is inexcusable, regardless of the primary victory you plan.

What is the path to peace? The direct conflict America sees with Iran is unreal. Iran is no material threat to America whatsoever, but for a covert attack and the aiding of our potential enemies. These can be brought to peace by solving the wider crisis. Does France aid our enemies? Only slightly. But they are, in truth, one of our greatest allies of peace. We can forgive Iran's aiding of enemies, and those enemies, if we can come to agreement on peace.

What would Iran ask for? Security. Peace. they can have these voluntarily from us, from others, or they can try to force them. However, they are valiant goals and they will be pursued by all those who are brave. Iran seems to be brave. May they serve the Lord, creator of all things, God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, father of Jesus Christ.

What are the threats against Iran? America has a history of invading and coercing Iran and the Iranian people out of their political choices and their natural resources. This is insult, it is attack, it is stripping them away from peace and security. It should not happen. Israel also has made plans to attack Iran. Israel bears threat from no nation to their security as a nation. To respond by attacking a nation is wrong. Speaking with the individual first and the community second is the right discourse. When Israel has spoken with its worst enemies on every topic and continues this dialogue on all new topics until the knot is untied, we will see peace.

Israel should open private dialogue with these terrorist and rebel groups that seek to fight them and destroy them, to understand the *local* reasons why Israel is being attacked and why there is not peace nor security there. 2 Counts of illegitimacy does not make legitimacy. Nor does 8, nor 1000.

I want to convict Israel on their devilish actions in Palestine. For every bit wrong Palestine is in your eyes, you are in theirs, and the world knows. God knows. [& the world knows that God knows]

If Israel is to be approved of by Arabs, they must stop breaking the law. Is great envy for oil taking the place of their hearts? May God destroy the evil that causes that, and if you cannot let go of it, you will share its fate.

Iran, and oil providing nations, you too play a share in this by putting economics before peace and health. I know that only a small few own and profit from the oil, that having oil is a curse. I ask you people on the oily land to stand up for what is right, for human rights, for world rights, for democracy and peaceful commercialism instead of inhumane capitalism. Along with everyone, whom I call on to support these people in their stand and to stand yourselves as well.

Peace is the answer. It will all look like what you know and want to be peace if it is going right.

Iranian president, you, as one of the few who owns the oil, one of the few who speaks for your nation and religion and people, I am pleased with the peaceful statements you have recently made. I ask you again to call out for peace and denounce war, but to also deserve this peace as written before.

Regarding North Korea, I presume that they have been paid off repeatedly as bribes for not committing acts of terrorism. It is more interesting that this is a regional problem than an American problem. America stands to gain nothing by thwarting communism in modern day politics, as there is no major freestanding communist machine, aside from China. If America is to win the 'war on communism' they will need to do it in the boardroom, partially, and in the laboratory the next part, and the first part is actually in Denny's at about 1:42Am on a weeknight.

If you want to keep nukes out of the hands of a dictator on the border of Russia, China, SK, and Japan, well, you may want to invigorate them and provide cunning ideology. NK is the insane psychopath with a raygun, as far as we've seen. I haven't heard much ideology past 1950 and most of it not past 1933 come out of that country. They're probably realistically stuck in the 40's-70's and little threat to us, except for their nuclear capability and the liklihood of attacking SK. unless they had nukes, they would have a major disadvantage at fighting a protracted war, so they are screwed anyway so long as they do not have nukes. The only reason they are being given aid is the decency of their people. Maybe we should design some way to airdrop food randomly into their country. Or information randomly into their country. Realistically, I don't think they have signed 'the papers'. And in a way I don't blame them. But in another way I am disappointed at their evil. Theirs is no form of stable or positive government. They live in a serfdom.

Since we've allowed them to gain nuclear weapons, we should blockade them. It worked before. We'll simply have to have UN inspections all around the perimeter of their country. Try not to militarize it, though. We don't want increased military pressure. So doing that and using excellent lasers and jamming technology to skunk their airborne missiles and our pre-9/11 CIA defenses to skunk any terrorist operations, we're pretty much safe from North Korea, unless they begin splitting water or something like that. That would realistically be the greatest harm they could do. They have no oil and nothing else. Water splitting could enable them to do a lot if they used it right.

This is not why we're not splitting water, is it?

****. I went over this.

Have you tried prayer? It works.


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