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Saturday, October 14, 2006

The US cannot go it alone on so many issues. We should not have invaded Iraq, and we cannot go over the top on Iran or North Korea. These items do not threaten just America, and they are not adequately assessed as real threats by America. America may not have the fiscal, political, or economic superiority to be able to perform things like Iraq again in the future.

Good. American controllers and the GOP are suspect of numerous events and war crimes and international crimes and economic crimes. Their leadership has been troubled and it is being revoked from them in favor of those who will display a more even hand and worship God as is fit.

New technologies in energy will be examined over the next 5 years to approach and deal with the problem of peak oil and environmental damage in a way that is openly examinable and right.

More on economics when it is not the sabbath, coz I don't feel like it, and I love God.


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