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Thursday, October 26, 2006

Iraq Long and Short

There are certain points to consider on Iraq.

We may be there to secure oil for peak oil, slated to arrive ~2008.
We may be staying there to keep this oil in American possession for that duration.
We may be dragging our feet in Iraq to meet this 'deadline'.

If we left, 'another country could assume this role'.
-primary energy oil alternatives can replace oil entirely
-another country would have similar difficulties and even less legitimacy than we do being there
-an internationally monitored force will ensure that no individual country 'gets Iraq'
-the spoils taken from Iraq will be prosecuted like Nazi gold/f

If we left, Iraq would decompose.
-maybe so. it's their country.
-this is already civil war and a revolution.
-the UN can help them do what they need to do nonviolently.
-we've intensified war there excessively. leaving would likely reduce war and violence there considerably.
-leaving would give Iraq much more morale and attainable focus
-i am leaving.


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