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Sunday, November 19, 2006

People and Nations

It is apparent that nations and people are becoming distinct entities. America and Britain are having difficulties dealing with 'minority' populations, by choice. They see numerous problems and decide to blame them on the populations based on certain statistics, and then exclude or slight those populations.

I will not allow the creation of a new second class.

Instead of slighting these people, we can enrich everybody. By providing excellent education and cultural expression and evaluation we will improve the manner in which our society conducts its business and pleasure.

The American system of government are laws suitable for any class and organization of people. It is not simply for the rich, or the old, or people who have been here longest. It is for all. These are laws of man, pursuant to an ideal Platonic form more than a club or class or company or nation. If they do not stand true for all, they are not just.

Unfortunately we have been working since the social revolutions of the 1950's and 1960's to divide this people and maintain control of the world and the nation by group. We must expand just law, not our groups' control. Principly, the controlling group's association with just law has been degrading since they began trying to monopolize it. And the controlled have been resisting this elitism increasingly in response.

We now have a backlog of financial, industrial, and social control dating back over 30 years, which is set to break at point blanc.


This will take the place of economic class discrepancies, fulcruming hopefully in the state's control over corporation and taxtation. It is also at the war on drugs, which has been fulcruming individually to the point that the control is in the form of a semi-permeable membrane and advanced groupings are possible outside of the law. It is in sex, which has become similar to the war on drugs. The extent of sexual control is uncertain, and is likely more closely tied to economic, group-related, and violent responses, a rainbow of warped permutation in response to enforcement of injustice and elitism. The enforcement has been shifted towards wars, particularly the Iraq war, although Afghanistan and the military action of 9/11 are precursors. This has resulted in illogical aggression among the enchained, which has been supported by torture mandates from the seats of power, and the seperate responses of pacifism, tactical edge, justification and judgement, and inversely illogical reciprocal aggression. Peace movement, thinkers movement, and the anti-state and al-qaeda style movements.

This has unfortunately also encompassed religious control, pertaining in ways to sexual control, 'just war', various illogical aggressions, and has been supported by the political movement and control of the religious right in these fields. It is a hideous perversion that is abhorrent to God.

This will be met by advanced individual and group spirituality, advanced justice and judgement movements, advanced sexual tension, hopefully mediated by the 2007 Sexual Revolution with great spiritual power and freedom and clarity and trust in a very precise Hz bandwidth associated with spiritual connection to God. This will be a/the motivating factor in accurately carrying out many special and just activities, and could begin a baby boom. This could be 1.0 with the elderly movement, hopefully resulting in greater care for the elders and a return to a more civil society and a groupless existance.

This major effort 1960-present will also be met by response from God in many ways because of the way some have used religion and attempted to use God as a prybar. This is [+-] action, and all purposeful [+-] action causes users' earnest goals to be compromised and for them to deserve evil.

May God be praised and may peace reign forever.



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