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Sunday, November 19, 2006

Freedom of Migration and People vs Nations

The policy of freedom of migration and nations vs people would effectively resign nations, and bring people and humanistic organization into world organization. Places could be run on a town by town basis, with commerce and rules of ethical commerce forming the basis of organized law and conventional town, judicial, and regional law enforcement founding interpersonal law.

Freedom of migration would eliminate borders and establish the world as a commercial vector. The problem remains who is the authority over these commercial entities? We cannot have robber baron style rule, that is nothing like law and would return to monarchies quickly. We must have an organization above the companies, above commerce, and national interests can fade out into ethical and economic interests.

It would need to establish ownership of the planet and of all reality by all beigns, and for all beings. Stewardship, really. An act such as overfishing is an ecological disaster, a commercial disaster, and a tyranny...

[to be continued]


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