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Friday, December 15, 2006

The path we're on right now since 9/11, and less abruptly since the 1950's and 1960's, is obviously deviant in some fundamental way from the path of righteousness. This is common knowledge from numerous cited sources. Assuming this, we can come to certain other conclusions.

We have two good option sets to choose from. The right way, which we are not on, and the wrong way, which is demonstrated and can be forecast.

The right way can become infinitely superior to any educated alternative. We can dispense our mountainous technology and information basically free to the public through our well established communications services, and begin major organizational changes to our industrial and commercial structure to produce a global economy that is universally beneficial. This could effect the previously cited 'end of materialism'. Social movements and programs and legal updates would conjoin this series of events to cleanse society of our ills. This is the 'war on terrorism', and how to win it.

How to *lose* it is what we're doing now. Who is the marginal victor of such a loss? Satan and his cronies, until they are destroyed by the Right Hand of God.

Any of you who are out there, be warned and know. We certainly could be communicating through SETI in an active manner. Who would jam that kind of information? Not a man or organization of God.


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