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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Impeachment, Cheney, and Chain of Command

I believe the torture scandals broke sometime after the 2004 election. Also didn't that American spy get outed on his watch since then? Um... continued POW infractions, signing the North American Union deal, which is only signable by Congress. This action is outside his authority to do so, and doing is could be considered antagonistic to the Constitution, which he has sworn to uphold.

It would take a proper Congressional investigation to find what George W bush has done.

Anything that impeaches George Bush could probably also impeach Dick Cheney. I seem to recall him ordering stand-downs on the Pentagon's RFID missiles firing to defend itself. He has to defend that action, and keeping it silent during a Grand Jury investigation, before keeping his post. He is also a primary suspect of the 9/11 events and a signator to the Project for a New American Century, which is culpability. No-bid contracts to Halliburton could be fraud. He also is facing charges at the World Court for bribery and corruption. We could show him to the French and see what they do.

Who is after Cheney in the line of command?

I forgive them, but these actions make another person a better choice for American presidency.


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