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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Turkey and the EU

Recently, the EU has been investigating allowing Turkey to join.

Turkey is welcome as any state is welcome under certain conditions.

The EU stands for promoting humanity and human rights and decency, fairness and democracy, equality and love. Yes, love.

Holocaust deniers will be arrested in Germany, Austria, and assorted other countries. No Nazi material may be allowed inside those countries, nor in France nor Italy. Other countries may have laws regarding these materials. Furthermore, German law says that Germany, especially amongst the EU, must arrest war criminals and anyone else who could be tried in The Hague if they enter Germany's control.

Any applicatory country will not be spared dignities without justice. Turkey is openly guilty of the 1915 Armenian genocide. They must air this laundry before they can become a nation amongst the equal EU, as Germany has. Turkey must join the World Court and aid in bringing elements to justice. There shall be no torture, nor rendition of torture, nor military bases where torture is condoned. Nations guilty of this measure will be subject to their own Constitutions and to the tenets of the Natural Rights.

Turkey should produce legal documents on internet and information neutrality. They should allow religious activity of all kinds everywhere they have power to. They should scan the world for commercial trusts as are banned by the World Court, and engage in group trade negotiation and legal action with the EU.

Turkey should open its ports to Cyprus, as it is an EU nation.

Turkey should consider freedom of migration legislation as is a topic on the table in America and Europe.

Turkey could expect to be asked later regarding the Kurds and the creation of a new Kurdish homeland. It may also be good for Turkey to remove its troops from Iraq, if it has placed any within Iraq borders, and to press to use them in Iraq through the UN, although these last two issues are not immediately related to EU membership, except in the legality of the Iraq war, and in the judgement of Turkeys participatory actions in the conflict.


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