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Saturday, March 31, 2007


Is this world war situation what you want? To see where you can group the most bundles of explosives and machinery? That you can control the ambient resources of a place without meaningfully or responsibly nurturing them, or the people who rely on them?

Granted, the maturities of the revolutions of the 1920's and 1930's battled for hegemony and the industrial winner would control the world until the current day, producing dramatically different late 20th century/21st century outcomes. It is good that fascism lost and democracy and communism won a lasting place in the world, but these are mature fighters battling, not the ideal fathers, nor ideal childhoods, which are necessary for sustainability [green or death] (cake or death). From the top, these sources are difficult to adjust, and as not being socially sustainable, are terminal and temporary scablike social frameworks. Democracy, having documentation pursuant to adjustability, is a likely candidate for minimal disruption. Unfortunately, the wild fiscal and hegemonic disparities of an uneven democracy at the end stages of unsustainable origination function in a way similar to fiscal fascism. Fascism would be crushed.

Communism, having similar and perhaps even greater sustainability, but with very poor documentation and culture, will be badly broken. However, the communist cultures seem remarkably socially unsustainable and violence oriented. That will degrade itself far more in more probably unsustainable ways.

"These primary biological functions are the most basic form of change given to a human. A painless effective existance modded by technologies is standard. What happens after that is the true judgement."

"University of I am not a hamster, and life is not a wheel." -University of Phoenix commercial.

What do you want to do? You can do anything, and you go to Iraq. To Iran?

These cultures are becoming prepared to make the switch from nonsustainable oringal culture to the new single sustainable culture post communism, post capitalism, post materialism. It is probable that both cultures will remain to the technological revelation of sustainability.

Are we being harassed socially into this technology and social resolution by artificial necessity? We could have done that in 1994. That was the time of my pappy, and Mr. Cobain probably made much of that decision. Then it could have been unity. Now it will be -2[0]- division.


I've often said 'do not cause war because it is wrong'. I like math, but lives are better. What will it take to make the peace of a world? Simply blocking war will not enforce true peace, nor peaceworthiness. That is a social condition that requires enlightenment and love.

Let's do some endgames. Do not cause war.

US attacks Iran. Iran busts its oil productions. World begins experiencing peak oil immediately. Major companies adjust earnings statements for 3rd, 4th qtr, well into next year, commodities, futures, currencies, all drop. Net loss is *gross*. $10-20 Trillion disappear into nothingness. World production plummets that day, maybe the day after. Iran has the ability to wage a longer and tougher war and more international resistance than Iraq has. The enlightenment of the American populace is greater and the American state is in a precarious condition. Iran's potential nuclear program and probability of cooperation of international allies and Western neighbors is unknown. America's military is already very poorly maintained and strained, and numerous war crimes trials are pending as well as intramilitary fraud cases. We would probably find few allies or even Americans to invade with, as we are in danger of being found in The Hague, and prewar eventology considering the "Gulf 2" British open fraud fiasco [another Haugeworthy event].

We still have Iraq right next door. Also right next door to Iran is China. Would China allow us to intercede in Iran on their border? It depends on the conditions. If we worked with China to oust North Korea, that game could be over quickly. But in 1950 and 1967, China did not take kindly to American wars near its land. China might provide substantial assistance to Iran if we invaded them, or worse. They also might choose not to help finance our war. One of the major financiers of the indebted American economy and therefore the Iraq war is actually Chinese national banks lending us money. The war might be a key time to cinch back American credit and sell some dollars, or a few hundred billion dollars [www.receiptforlabor.blogspot.com].

Invading Iran would not be a good idea, and could topple a major Western democractic power, leaving a stronger dictatorship/communism and a wildly victorious grassroots Islamic fundamentalism in its place. America has some things to do before/instead of committing urban suicide. We need to facilitate the transition from nonsustainable original society to sustainable purposeful culture using our technology/wealth/culture. War is not the purpose.

Peace and love are fantastic.


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all these things must come to pass


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