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Thursday, March 01, 2007

Free Society

At the onset of free energy, social order will change from a heierarchy system to a kind of equal autonomy. Currently, even a large family relies very heavily on many sources of labor bound by large amounts of money, equating to the stamp of an empire or nation or functioning economy.

Free energy will provide these resources without necessitating stringent social agreement. This will increase human potential. Free energy will limit these reliances.

Anyone in society could potentially leave at any time, and with very little overhead, begin a life of their own elsewhere, with others, or alone. Humans enjoy socialization and positive society and the family structure will remain for the duration of the species.

There will be nothing, or very little, enforcing humans to accept a society they dislike. Taxes will be very difficult to collect, and in fact 'pointless' considering free energy, although charity and organized charity shall not cease. Ethics, love, family, and appreciation will supercede necessity, dominance, and ownership as the primary concepts holding human society together.

Organized war of millions will probably be unheard of. WW2 or an engagement in the near future will probably be the largest military engagements humanity will ever engage in. We may find in the future that we beat our swords into plowshares and someday stop training for wars.

This will make democracy much more meaningful, and organization much more purposeful rather than ceremonial or customary. "Generation-Y" will be unheard of. People could be landowners and farmers or successful machine shop operators by 18 instead of living in their parents' homes until 27, unless they choose to remain in the family house or dwelling voluntarily by love of family.



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