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Friday, October 26, 2007

Russia <3 Iran <3 Love

"(02:07:05 PM) hesnotaduck: you also may be interacting with me subconsciously
(02:07:34 PM) hesnotaduck: it can become like a television show playing softly in the background, energetically stable unto itself
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(02:08:06 PM) hesnotaduck: giving you massive amounts of new data
(02:08:10 PM) hesnotaduck: hence the trip"


Russia has signaled that an attack on Iran will be seen as an attack on Russia. THANK GOODNESS this will substantially slow or stop the neoconservatives' pushes for war and to battle for the world's resources. This friction should produce substantial pieces of evidence suitable for progressing the world's populace to enlightenment about the duties asked of elite socieites.

Furthermore, this primarily bans an attack on Iran, since it will disrupt the world and American voters, candidates, and international agents recognize the new risks involved. How would the American neoconservatives behave now that they do not have the potential to invade Iran so easily?

They could invade anyway and begin a tense situation, where Russia will probably have troops and hardware committed to Iran but initially limit a nuclear engagement. This shifts the global environment of an Iranian invasion and the American fascio-corporate attempt to conquer the world by monetary dominance and military actions to support that dominance based on natural resources, finance, and infrastructure, instead of unite it in peace by voluntary association of all people.

Relying on or exploting weaknesses you find in other people instead of helping to heal them is evil. Doing so weakens you and makes you evil.

I support Russia in this move, but I do not respect elements of their anti-deomcratic procedures. I also wonder what George Bush will do after having regarded the Iranian Revolutionary Guard as a terrorist wing, now allied with the state of Russia. Does this make Russia a terrorist organization, Mr Bush? According to the normally approved math that you have professed, yes it does. However, I expect that you will not affirm your own math, and your retraction from the aggressive moves you have made will doubtless expose you and your motivations.

This move expedites and cements the probability of a Sino-Russian counter to an American invasion of Iran in pursuit of world resources.

Russia or China might be wise to attempt to acquire or release energy technology resources that would revolutionize the global energy industries, despite the lost potential from economic sales of their own or their neighbors' natural resources, benefits given by proxy to their perceived current enemies, adjusted future production potential ratios, or loss of control from comparative fiscal security of being energy exporters. The economic oil based growth of our world industries and markets cannot be sustained using the natural resources we currently have for much longer than a few years' time. Fighting over these resources would be a substantial loss of markets and infrastructure for any player.

Any secret society hoping to Dr. Strangelove the earth is at substantial risk of being killed regardless of their status and will emerge into an unsustainable ethical social and physical environment in the future with or without their potential comrades.

It would be far wiser to engage the libertarian revolution of not needing to care what other people think or want because you do not rely on them, which is a condition that the majority of elite people recognize will occur within 10-30 years regardless of path, with a fuller world than a lesser world, and with fewer murders rather than more.

Also consider the electromagnetic effects of the potential deaths of 3-6 billion humans. That is not beautiful. Consider the wonderful possibilities of these humans undergoing the world's greatest revolution ever, and the fine place we all would be in at that point. If you elite think you have some positive company or social market opportunities and project comanagers now, begin work on enhancing the experiences and lives of those around you who may become your new growth partners.

The world can change.


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