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Saturday, November 10, 2007

Sizzler Missile

The sizzler missile has excellent technological features. A large subsonic missile approaches a target and at 10 miles fires a smaller item that goes mach 3 and zigs its path. it also flies no higher than 33' above sea level, well below radar.

The math:

I want this slow missile to fire 6 such minimissiles, not 1. I want it to optically and laserally track the height of waves to fly lower, and to have subaquatic capabilities with mini radar and sonar to find the ship and hit it from below water and avoid above-water challenge threats. I am disappointed that this will make it more jammable, and it should produce and record measurements periodically to go with the last best if it does get jammed.

Furthermore, I want it never to be used.

I want countermeasures to these missiles. Someday. Normal radar and [sonar] jamming, early warning radar detection propped buoys on leashes around the ship, perhaps with modest infobits and projectile countermeasures, maybe emp pulsers, unmanned aircraft anti-missile radar correspondance and laser tracking as well as confetti launching.

We could put separated thin hulls a few meters out from the ship's hull, but i suppose they'd be easy to punch. maybe if those metahulls could launch explosively shaped projectiles at incoming objects...

...or be defensively explosive.

It'd be a good fight. Currently the Gulf fleet would be toasted. This article coming out must indicate that we do not plan to succeed in the Gulf if we attack and are counterattacked by Iran and Russia. This would then say that we will not attack, unless we are ready for heavy losses.


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