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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

A Shift in the Winds

Hospitals prepare for the full moon. We should prepare for 2012.

We're moving through a period during which our electromagnetic energies, which are influenced by the moon and other astronomical bodies, as well as social output, are being reorganized.

We currently live in a society that is actually a battery. It is formed by concentric circles to house biological amperage and frequency. These electrical principles influence and guide individuals and nations. In the coming few years surrounding 2012, spanning over about the next decade, this battery will be switched from one kind to another in a way that it hasn't done for at least 2000 years, and more probably 10,000 years.

The new electrical formation will focus on individualism and be a far clearer picture than what we experience today. Clarity and focus as well as independence should wildly flourish in society. I expect this to be expressed in nations all over the world in the form of socialist and libertarian movements and progressive revolutions of sorts. Depending on the expression of the field, it could be one massive movement or hundreds of microrevolutions.

The world's and society's electromagnetic field itself is changing. There is no one to kill to prevent this, and no amount of money piled up will help. We are entering the period of the libertarian world revolution, backed by trillions of amperes of force, and nothing known to man can prevent it.


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