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Monday, April 02, 2007

National Guard 2.0

States are going to need to form a second national guard to perform their domestic duties where they cannot be uphled by the Federal government.

Each state has an inalienable right and a duty to their populace to arm and train and use militias for securing their land. If the state can sap the funding and training of the National Guard, which has been diverted from state control and service, and call the previous members into new militias they can perform this duty without substantial interference nor unwilling foreign tours of duty.

"But the seeds of disunion have been growing since the beginning. Vermont more or less sat out the War of 1812, and its governor ordered troops fighting the British to disengage and come home."

'The 10th Amendment says that 'powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.'


Vermont Seccession is a topic of note. I do not believe that states leaving the union is the best way to change the union, although if the need to defend oneself occurs, retreating to 'Canada' might be a good option. I believe the laws required to change the union exist in the Constitution and in natural law, or the Constitution can be used to bring us substantially closer to an ideal worldly state.

Vermont has the right to bring lawsuits to the USSC and the Vermont SC challenging the actions of the USG. Vermont can try and impeach the president in absentia with a legitimate level of legal authority. They can condemn the war in Iraq, prospective war in Iran and other countries, and challenge illegitimate positions of supermassive corporations. They can add hemp to their farmland and reap fiscal capital on green fuel, food, paper. Vermont can change its intrastate drug law at will and recover funds from policing.

Highways can potentially be paved using a mixture derived from hemp oil. Denatured industrial hemp can be a pleasant alternative to diesel. [Not to mention that advanced technology machine shops can produce thousands of cars inexpensively.] Vermont could grow its own transportation sector.

Numerous states conjoining to accomplish these goals could be a substantial fiscal market and legislative branch.


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