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Sunday, December 23, 2007

Global Electoral College

George Bush and the neocons are addressing a fundamental concern to the state of humanity and the Constitution. The problem of the electoral college and the hijacking of the state by a mob populace.

In what is satanic irony, they are doing this themselves as a mob, and violating the nature of the Constitution and the rights of the American people that they would technically try to defend in doing so.

The world is running out of resources and is being filled with potent and well technologically equipped populations. If Americans or humans are allowed to do as they please, the neocons believe that humanity would crush itself under organizational errors and resource shortages.

This is the function of monopoly, not an intelligent well informed society.

Look at the massive review our society is conducting of corporations and the president and everything they can possibly get their minds on. They would surely be a very well equipped tool for securing their own fate, but for the factors working against them in 'the corporate monopoly' trying to make them mindless consumers, and the factors in government trying to maintain them and minimize their power.

The only real threat, then, is upsetting a bees' nest somewhere in the world by this massive power of review.

If we reviewed Chinese products in a way that made China so angry they attacked us or stopped doing business with us, that would be a negative and could be our downfall, if we lost such a tyrannical altercation. But that probability is infinitely low because of our dynamic review process and our massive military might, moralized by review, and not by bloodshed or arrogance.

This globalist electoral college and special Constitution are a terminal order. Disobey them, and not just disobey them, but work to decapitate and identify the order. A captain given an illegal order does not merely ignore it, he reports it and prepares for it to not be obeyed.

What would be a difficult transition of this process?

Examine the technology we have. Examine the withheld technology.

We could accelerate the leak process as we accelerate our populace's review potency. What will this behemoth review? That can be guided by its own intelligent watchdogs and corporate and media and government forces that join it openly.


Resource shortages may be a front for global population reduction to spawn conflict. We have infinite technology capabilities, but also many bad and poisonous seeds in our culture. An illegitimate or potentized mob dissent procedure that would overrun organized society is the main concern of releasing this technology.

How can this be prevented, as it is the only thing standing between us, the forces of good, and evil?

We can begin by *enhancing* public review and power, in time for Ron Paul, instead of smearing them and obfuscating their ability to intelligently review. Give them the incentives to think in a free way. Would an economic boom do this job? It certainly could if done right. That would be a peak of culture and in that high tide we could untie many knots and reveal in study the ways some knots are wrongfully tied. That is an acceptable practice that will help those lies no longer be made, and help us not need them, or need them in far fewer situations at far lower concentrations. Sometimes lying can save lives.

Is the cia$media's lie to the public saving lives here? No. The public are the tool of righteousness that we are and defend. By enhancing the public's abilities we can reap massive enhancements of scale quality and power. This would diminish the monopoly state and big money and big mouth organizations have, which is *the only loss* from this process. Other existing losses such as dictatorship would also disappear.

Whatever process got us into the situation is error. Fixing it is one thing, but fixing the system is the bigger blot.


If you want freedom, just remind someone that they too want freedom.


Let us build new ways that we can both enhance the power and intelligence of the general populace of humanity and reduce or control the risk of illegitimate review. Legitimate review should override illegitimate review, as should justice, equality, and intelligence. Beyond that it appears to be sitting or fighting which are unlikely unless we're making someone fight, unless we join together or use love, which are reasons people would suffer together rather than fight, or by preference or to sustain themsevles from greater suffering, which are less attractive. [-10: 11,12,13,14]

Other cultures in the world can advance. Just because we're American and the richest doesn't mean that other cultures don't strive too, and successfully. We have been the most successful because we have the best resources and social systems and have won major wars and become the seat of global investment for a time, though now it is China, stifled by their social systems and other resources, which they are improving.

Yes, it's that serious.

We can improve ourselves by advancing our social systems once again and by giving ourselves the technology we are withholding, which will then spread to them. This will give them great technology and reduce their resource limitations observably, possibly making them a major industrial power with a poor social system set. We should enhance Chinese social systems before/as we are switching on the power, and also enhance our own economy and systems.

Elucidation: We could win or avoid a war with China. A powerful China does not need to be something bad. Make it that way. CIA spring into action!

Do it as you do the American problem. Also, I recommend subsidizing me. I would not mind getting an envelope in the bushes, or the mail, and an email identifying its location. I am not a contract man but this could be a good event chain. I will not be paying taxes, though.

"Psychics will lead dogs to your body."

I've been called a medium often, by ghosts.

Yes, I recognize the risk by being CIA, even as a contractor. The Chinese secret societies are different and might kill folk. Well, don't mess up. So might you, in error. I can advise you in greater global peace from inside than outside, although both capacities may be large. As a lens working with an intelligence society is a good idea. No shots. I hope to reduce bees nest risk and enhance world honey. What else is there? My ways are good.


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