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Wednesday, January 09, 2008

The resistance/anti-state movement in America is in response to the clear lies and abuses of law and trust perpetrated by the government. It is also partially for greater freedom or adherence to the Constitution, or to stop wars.

We're really disgusted by the death and deceit and wrongful arrests and invasions of privacy. I almost wish you didn't have the technology to accomplish these jobs.

I don't trust you. You and Israel are the same. God backs you up, but I've seen the bad things you've done, and I am appalled. Your reputation is soiled heavily and you're wasting and misspending and stealing my money and the money of my countrymen. You would claim, off record, that it is necessary to be in Iraq because it's oil or new tech, and new tech will cause problems, so we're extending oil as long as possible, and using Iraq as a very large Strategic Oil Reserve. Fuck you for leaking that.

Your knowledge of how important this is is only modest.

Whatever incidental knowledge you have up there, you should release it quickly to the public so we can either join or remove you.

If it's something like 'we're going to kill everyone except the Jews and those who are with them' then you've got some additional explaining to do. I don't see that outcome as necessary or good.

someone is trying to think to me. it's slowing me down. speak up.

i don't want to kill you either.

okay we can work on that. but several points.

why are you killing all these people. yes, great, God says kill, go to Iraq, etc. I am not pleased with having to kill folk. Not pleased at all. Did you work with God on this? He's a dude in some ways. You could probably get him to not ask you for this. Don't you know Moses?

George Bush is no Moses.